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Why Kanye might be the "new thing" that Christians love to quote

You have all heard it. It’s a famous scripture in the Bible, people say it all the time in church. We can't forget about the song and dance that was made from a young man in the 90’s. God is doing a "New Thing" Isaiah 43:19 (Video Below.)

The question becomes, "When he (God) starts doing this new thing, will you recognize and embrace it, or will you shun it because it doesn't look like God?"

As I was waiting in line to get my stale $19.00 popcorn and old junior mints, I saw loads of souls from all walks of life that all had one thing in common; they were about to have an experience with the Word of God. As I’m getting my popcorn, the show starts and I hear the wailing, moaning, and groaning of some guy rolling on the ground in a blue suit.

Of course, all I could think about was, "This is demonic and Kanye has lost his mind" but after a while, when I got out of my own head, and I decided to truly take in the experience; I realized what he was doing. I was stunned! I was like ”Oh, okay, this is the story of Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible as an opera ! ”

As I sat there, Kanye read one of my favorite stories in the bible and I looked out and around at the 17,500 people that were there to watch the show; I was open to the deeper meaning of it all....and then I got it, and it’s very simple ! JESUS ! Jesus At the Center. Jesus is the end all be all !!! I commend Kanye for his very very public “YES”. As far as him SEEMING as though he is somewhat of a narcissist, hey, that's neither here nor there. We all have flaws and we go to Jesus because we are imperfect people. The parrell to that same concept is how people put pastors, apostles and prophets on a pedestal and they can not breathe without getting judged, when in reality they are just people who fall short like we do with ministry gifts.

Side Note: Realizing that people are people who have flaws like everyone else, I believe makes it easier to forgive and will probably eliminate some of the situations where people get church hurt.

The point of writing something like this is that as long as Kanye continues to point people to Jesus, he isn't doing any harm. What he is doing is more good than bad. It's awesome what God is doing in his life.

I think my dope take away was this...God keeps reinventing himself. He has came in the form of many different things all to win our affections and trust. He wraps himself in many different forms to appeal to ALL people and he's done it for each generation.

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