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21 Lessons for each year of my life from my past Relationships (Woman to Woman)

Something that I spend a lot of time doing is thinking! In fact, I'm an over thinker! I think way too much. The dope part about that is I spend a lot of time analyzing my action and analyzing what I did wrong or what I could have done better! These are some of the many but few lessons that I have learned so far in my dating process ( and it is a process!!) I hope you can take something from it and not bump your head as hard as I have! Happy Dating!

1. You won’t have to make a man love you, like you, or want to be with you

2. If a man says he doesn’t want to meet your parents he doesn’t plan on staying too long

3 .Set boundaries

4. Know exactly what it is that you want from that relationship and stick to that if it’s not what you want dip out and don’t waste your time or your kitty

5. Don’t nag... I had this extremely bad !

6. Don't put yourself in compromising situations

7. If you have to question if it’s love or not 9 times out of 10, it’s not

8. Vet your love interest correctly

9. Don’t be afraid of love (once you have found it as a safe space and edifying )

10. Sometimes love hurts, and it's not always easy.

11. If a man comes with excuses ALL THE TIME he’s not invested

12. If he never drives your way or you’re putting in all the effort he’s a user (depending on what he has)

13. If your man of interest, has just a bag of chips to his name if he loves you he will share

14. Listen carefully, 9 times out of 10 when you take off your love goggles they are telling, and showing you exactly who they are

15. Take it slow ... no rush : when we rush we tend to have love googles on in my opinion what love goggles are is the inability to find flaws often they are over looked (Girl, but he's perfect)

16. Identify what Red Flags you’re willing to deal with ... everyone has to deal with something, no one is perfect

17. Get out of your own way

18. If he’s telling you he doesn’t have time and he doesn’t incorporate you where and when he can. You rarely see him, you’re a connivence and he’s using you when he wants to he’s not as passionate about you

... ladies (and gents) you are not a toy to be picked up played with and sat back down

19. If you are dating someone who has fallen on hard times be careful extending yourself and expecting loyalty or a return ... when they get on their feet they may act different

20. If you two HAVE to keep your relationship between you to be mindful

21. If he goes MIA on you for weeks at a time he's not invested

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