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Mean to my Boyfriend and he stayed..!?

"Girl, I say all kind of mean things to him when I get upset. I don't treat him like I should."

Looking at the relationships that I've been fortunate enough to hear about when I was single and dating, I believed that I had to do everything right! Dress cute, be nice, hold your peace (tounge) , don't yell, try not to upset him. ALL of this ran through my head. So much so that I could not even enjoy my dating process; I'm an overthinker. I never understood why mean women could keep a man. Then I thought well, spicy women are exciting and who wouldn't want a hot tamale on their plate. Always something new, fun, and exciting adding a bit of drama to their plate! What I further noticed was not all men enjoy DRAMA. So that ixnayed on the Hot Tamale. So, what was it?? What was it that made a man stay??

Lol, first of all, he's not a dog! You can not make him do anything! He's a human being with real feelings and emotions. What?? Nahhh!! Yes, he sure is. They have real feelings and emotions?? This was something I had to remind myself after dealing with so many heartbreaks. I felt like men were not human. LOL! Yes, they are; they just have very different ways of communicating. Men and women do not communicate the same as one another! *IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MEN AND WOMEN COMMUNICATE DIFFERENTLY PLEASE READ MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS. *

Have you ever seen a man with a girlfriend, wife, or lover who you felt didn't match their fly? ( Fly meaning swag, or presence) Yes, I have!!! Time and time again !!! Where I was like, Huh?? Don't get me wrong now, everyone is beautiful in their own right !! Don't judge me!! My point in saying this is, it has nothing to do with the hair, the skin, the nails, the face, nothing about the physical! Don't get me wrong men have to first be attracted to you, but looks are not the end all be all. Looks will not make a man stay ( and neither will sex :) ) Sex is the icing on the cake!

So, how come men stay?? It's simple ladies! You don't have to try!! You don't have to BE ANYTHING! BE YOURSELF! The right one will find you and love you for you !! Which leads me to an even more significant realization that is so simple, but I didn't know !! Men stay because they WANT to !!!! Period! Mike Drop !!! You don't have to put on any airs or fronts! You just have to be the queen that you are! You should find peace in the fact that you king will be able to handle and love ALL of you!

Love you ladies! Stay encouraged!

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